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Dorsal Chambers
Available in small, medium and large.  

Abdominal Chambers
Titanium Construction. 

MRI Compatible Dorsal Kits
with replaceable glass slips.  More

Window Chamber Kits

Our window chamber kits are simply the best constructed. Our Skinfold Window Chamber model is a unique tool that enables analysis of various aspects of tumor biology and therapeutic response. Our Window Chambers enable microscopic obseravations of living tissue.

A major advantage of the window chamber techinque is the ability to track dynamic changes of the turmor and its micro-environment over a period of time.

Dorsal Chamber Kits

Titanium Construction

Available in: Small, Medium and Large


MRI Compatible Kits

  • Very Light Weight
  • Transparent Design with Built in glass
  • MRI/ Autoclave Compatible
  • Nylon Screws and Nuts
  • Size is compatible to our small titanium dorsal chamber kit

Abdominal Chambers

Long-term imaging studies on cellular processes in abdominal organs are more challenging, However, our Abdominal Chambers ease the process.