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Window Chambers
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Abdominal Chambers
Titanium Construction. 

MRI Compatible Dorsal Kit
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MRI Compatible Dorsal Kits

The MRI Compatible Dorsal Kit system is made of high impact medical grade polypropylene that is chemically neutral, even with strong acids, basis and alcohol. Autoclavable up to 135 degree Celsius. Very light weight and durable.

Easy to set or replace glass slips, during or after installation; either with your finger or our key.

The size is similar to our Small Dorsal Titanium kits (SM100)


Made of Polypropylene
High impact medical grade

Chemically neutral
Even to strong acids, basis and alcohol.

Up to 135 degree Celsius

Glass Slips
Replaceable glass slips during or after installation

Easy assembly
use your finger or our key



  • 1. Easy to secure microscope glass in place with a threaded central ring, during or after surgery.
    2. MRI Compatible
    3. Chemically Nutural


Kit Components

2 - Plates
1 - Central Ring
3 - Nylon Screws
3 - Nylon Nuts

  • Two versions available:
    Replaceable Glass Slips
    Built-in Glass slips